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Plain or custom printed lanyards, wide variety of options and accessories

AAC is Australia's leading supplier of plain and custom printed lanyards, supplying more than 1 million of these to Australian business every year. From a wide range of plain and pre-printed lanyards held in stock, to a quick and easy custom lanyard ordering service, AAC has all your lanyard needs covered and has done for many years now.

Whether your requirement is 10 plain lanyards or 100,000 custom printed lanyards, AAC will provide you with the best possible product, printing, attachments and service. Call today at 1300 797 478 to discuss your options.

Plain Lanyards

Plain Lanyards Plain Lanyards Available for immediate dispatch - delivered next day to most metro locations
Plain Lanyards Choose from 12mm Bootlace Lanyards, or 5mm Economy Lanyards
Plain Lanyards Choose from 14 great colours - bright, vibrant
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Custom Printed Lanyards

Printed Lanyards Custom Printed Lanyards Create your own lanyard - your colour and your text/logo
Custom Printed Lanyards Choice of colours, styles, materials and sizes
Custom Printed Lanyards From single colour up to full colour lanyards
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Pre-Printed Lanyards

Pre-Printed Lanyards Pre-Printed Lanyards Available for immediate dispatch - with you tomorrow!
Pre-Printed Lanyards Pre printed message (STAFF, VIP or VISITOR)
Pre-Printed Lanyards Fast and convenient solution when you need lanyards fast
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Custom Woven Lanyards

Woven Lanyards Custom Woven Lanyards Your message/logo is woven into the lanyard - long lasting
Custom Woven Lanyards Lots of colours and weave options available
Custom Woven Lanyards Very strong and durable
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Eco friendly lanyards

Bamboo Lanyards

AAC offers Lanyards made from eco-friendly Bamboo. Bamboo is one of the earth's most sustainable resources due to it's rapid growth. It's cellulose fibre is easily broken down and bio-degradable, preventing environmental pollution. Our Bamboo Lanyards are strong and durable, comfortable to wear and are naturally antibacterial. They can be purchased plain in a variety of colours, or with custom printing and logos. Talk to AAC about our full range of eco-friendly products and options.

Recycled PET Lanyards

AAC can also offer lanyards that are made from PET (PolyEthylene Therephthalate) made from recycled plastics such as water bottles, soft drink bottles and other household containers.

These plastic containers are shredded into flakes which are subsequently washed and are ready to be blended with virgin polymer. The de-polymerisation process breaks-up the polymer molecule. The final product resulting from this process can be used to manufacture new PET. The main outlet for recycled PET is the fibre market. More eco-friendly lanyards


Lanyard attachments

There are a range of available attachments to customise your lanyard. Popular attachments include J-Swivel, Alligator Clip, Deluxe/Executive Swivel, Mobile Phone Holder, Split Ring and even Drink Bottle holders. The possibilities are endless, and you can even add 2-3 attachments to the same lanyard.

Can't find the attachment you're looking for? No problem, let us know and we'll source it for you. View lanyard attachments

  Lanyard Attachments


ID Wallets

ID Wallets ID Wallets The perfect compliment to your Lanyards
ID Wallets Ideal for conferences, trade shows and meetings
ID Wallets Many sizes in stock - high quality, high stock levels
  . . . more ID Wallets


ID Cards and Member Cards

PVC & Plastic Cards PVC & Plastic Cards High Quality PVC and Plastic Cards
PVC & Plastic Cards Printed in either Full Colour or Black & White
PVC & Plastic Cards High quality, durable finish - hole punched if needed
  . . . more ID and Member Cards



Retractables Convenient way to display identification cards Retractables
Retractables Available plain (in stock) or custom printed
Retractables Functional and Practical
  . . . more Retractables


Pins and Clips

Pins and Clips Can be pinned or clipped to a uniform Pins and Clips
Pins and Clips Standard business card size
Pins and Clips Selection of pins and clips to choose from
  . . . more Pins & Clips


Lanyards are used for a wide range of purposes including:

Lanyards - Admission Admission Lanyards - Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Holder
Lanyards - Advertising Advertising  Lanyards - Drink Bottle Drink Bottle Holder
Lanyards - Trade Shows Trade Shows Lanyards - Key Holder Key Holder
Lanyards - School Trips School Outings Lanyards - ID Holder ID Holder
Lanyards - Group Identification Group Identification Lanyards - Ticket Holder Ticket & Label Holder
Lanyards - Security Security Lanyards - Sponsorship Sponsorship
Lanyards - Promotional Activities Promotional Activities Lanyards And much more. . .

More on AAC Lanyards

AAC lanyards are designed to the highest standards and have been used by thousands of business, events and venues all over Australia. Primarily used as a means of presenting accreditation such as ID cards, lanyards can also hold mobile phones, USB sticks, swipe cards, keys and whistles.

Our range of lanyards surpasses any other on the market, with more than 200,000 lanyards in stock at any one time.

To create a custom lanyard you will need to determine the type of material you require, the width of the lanyard, the type of attachment(s) you prefer and then the printing method that will best suit your artwork, and budget! Our printing processes are state of the art and produce fantastic results every time.

Talk to AAC about your lanyard requirements; we'll guide you in the right direction every time. We look forward to working with you.

Plain Lanyards (In Stock)
Pre-Printed Lanyards (In Stock)
Plain Lanyards (Custom)
Printed Lanyards (Custom)
Woven Lanyards (Custom)
Novelty Lanyards (Custom)
Eco Friendly Lanyards
Lanyard Attachments
ID Wallets
PVC & Plastic Cards
Pins and Clips

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