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Custom Lanyards



Custom Lanyards can be whatever you want them to be!

The most common choice is a 15mm Polyester Lanyard, but there are numerous other options available including different materials, different widths, attachments, colours, print styles etc. Our job is to take the hassle out of the ordering process.

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What styles are available?

Polyester Lanyards                        

Polyester Lanyards Identity Wristbands Most popular for a 1 colour print up to full colour.
Identity Wristbands Available in a PMS colour of your choice
Identity Wristbands Non-stretch, soft feel, durable
Identity Wristbands Allows a superior, clear print           

Bootlace Lanyards

Bootlace Lanyards Identity Wristbands Any size or colour you want
Identity Wristbands Available in a PMS colour of your choice
Identity Wristbands Flat, tubular, shoe lace style - soft fabric
Identity Wristbands Herringbone weave

Economy Cord Lanyards

Cord Lanyards Identity Wristbands Round 5mm tube of polyester and cotton
Identity Wristbands Light and comfortable to wear
Identity Wristbands Available in a PMS colour of your choice
Identity Wristbands Printed custom message needs to be simple (5mm cord width)

PVC Lanyards

PVCLanyards Identity Wristbands Durable and easy to clean - waterproof
Identity Wristbands Available in any PMS colour of your choice
Identity Wristbands Soft feel and comfortable to wear
Identity Wristbands PVC/Silicone lace

What Print Options are available?

Lanyards can be printed with any artwork you require, including text, logos and images. Depending on what your requirement is, AAC will propose the appropriate printing method. You can also choose to have your lanyards printed on one side or both sides.

PolyesterLanyards Identity Wristbands Screen Printing
Silk screen printing is the standard in lanyard custom printing. We can match any PMS colour and produce an outstanding finish using our innovative ink printing methods. Screen printing allows you to print with up to 3-4 colours per design.
PolyesterLanyards Identity Wristbands Offset Printing
Offset printing is ideal when you need to accommodate a strict corporate logo or image and for making a bold impact. The end product is a high quality finish and appears almost three-dimensional.
PolyesterLanyards Identity Wristbands Heat Sublimation
An amazing photo quality print with full colour including shading and blending. Durable and long lasting results. An ideal solution for making a visual impact.


Tailor your lanyards with our extensive range of lanyard attachments, mobile phone holders and drink bottle holders . . . more Lanyard Attachments

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